I’m going to cut straight to the chase – If you don’t have a COME HELL OR HIGH WATERdeadline date – your project is not going to be created or completed on time (and maybe it never will be!).

I have worked on hundreds of projects over 15 years – mainly high end TV Commercials – all over the world, with some of the best brands, companies and creatives. But whatever project you are working on – your course, your program, your workshop, your website, your business… if you don’t have the Come Hell or High Water Deadline then it just doesn’t get done. So you end up with:

    • Lots of things started and not many completed.
    • A longer to-do list than ever before.
    • Disappointment that you haven’t created and put out into the world what you set out to.

If you need some help in getting your Come Hell or High Water Deadline and a plan that is actually going to work, and would like to access my expertise in putting together and more importantly completing your projects –I’d love to hear from you through this link

I’ll walk you through the same process I’ve used to manage multi-million dollar projects and give you a surefire plan to create, launch or complete your project on time, on budget without losing your hair or your mind.

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