I love to collaborate! In my experience, collaboration is absolutely vital to not just the success of a project but also to create something really extraordinary. I think that the best pieces of work and the most innovative ideas are always attributed to working collaboratively.  

Creating and producing something with others can be exciting and exhilarating, especially when you are having to up your game and really push hard to create something that you are truly proud of.

I’ve noticed that online business owners are less likely to work collaboratively. Is it because they don’t have access to the right collaborators? Is it because they try to do everything themselves? Is it because having something good enough is good enough? I’m not sure, but I know that working collaboratively with the right people can create results for your project far bigger than you could do alone.

Here’s a little checklist for creating great collaborations…

  • You want there to be a shared vision and share values around the project – otherwise you find you’re often ‘not on the same page’.
  • Connect with collaborators – you don’t need to become their best friend but you need to feel comfortable and that you can trust them.
  • Look for collaborators that have strengths in other areas than your own.
  • Find collaborators that inspire you and can elevate your project.

When I collaborate on my own projects, I really enjoy having someone with a different perspective to my own to be so useful and I feel relieved that someone with more experience is going to make the process and the outcome so much better that I could do alone.  There also the benefit of having someone to hold me accountable to the project deliverables and timeline that I really, really appreciate (even if at the time I might be swearing under my breath!)

So ask yourself ….

  1. Would your project benefit from collaborating with someone with a expertise in an area that you don’t have?
  2. How would having a collaborating impact your projects?
  3. What added benefits would having a collaborator mean to your business? (accountability? free up time for other projects, make the process fun and enjoyable etc).

If you think your Online Course or Program would benefit from working together with a collaborator or you would benefit from having a collaborator free up your time to work on other areas which are your strengths then I’d love to hear from you through this link

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