Have you ever said – “I really want to over deliver to my clients?” It’s one of the most common phrases I hear entrepreneurs and small business owners make and it’s one of the most common mistakes especially for people who share their knowledge or expertise with their clients.   

Why?  Because when we share lots of great content, information and resources we OVERWHELM our clients and our audience, and when we get overwhelmed WE DON’T DO ANYTHING!  Our good intentions become a heavy weight.

So how do we over deliver on the value we provide?  We simply need to SIMPLIFY!

Simplify… your knowledge

If you know a lot about a topic then the chances are you want to share all of that knowledge with your clients however it’s a recipe for total overwhelm. Stick to a few key concepts that your clients can not only understand but can also easily implement into their business.

Simplify… how you communicate

The most effective way to create strong relationships is to talk and meet with your clients or potential clients on a regular basis. Forget email and just pick up the phone,  skype, write a letter or meet for a coffee.

Simplify… your business systems

Make it easy for people to do business with you. Often we confuse complexity with professionalism but it simply isn’t true. Creating simple, easy to use systems can cut through all the complicated processes out there especially when done well.

Simplify… what you do

Do what you do really, really well. Don’t chase those shiny objects that distract you. Keep focused and simply do the thing that you do exceptionally well.

Simplify… your delivery

Break the content of your programs and courses into manageable, digestible chunks.  Add visual images that resonate and connect with your audience. Instead of adding more text, take some out. Add some visual interest with colours, design elements and text on images. Create checklists and step-by-step guides and make sure you add context to your content through stories, metaphors and analogies.

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