Make sure your clients know what is expected of them and what they can expect of you.

Create certainty

Right from the word go, we want to know the basic information such as how long is this, will I be required to do anything, do I need to be aware of anything, payment info, toilet breaks etc from high level all the way to the low level basic information. This stops the brain from wondering about these tasks rather than on the information you are sharing with them.

Empower People

All people to make their own choices, decisions and come up with their own insights based on what you are sharing.

Be Positive

Our brains learn better when there is a positive angle versus a fear element.

Allow Autonomy

In most cases there is more than one way to achieve a result.

Be Relatable

Know your clients, target market or audience. Make people feel that you are all on the same team that you’re part of the team.


Clarifying is useful to make others feel that you really ‘get’ them.


This shows that you value others and where they are in their life/business.

Remember, we want to create the right environment so that our Pre Frontal Cortex (the part of our brain where our ‘executive’ functions live such as analysing, decision making, attention, short term memory etc) is engaged and switched on so we can be open and able to take new knowledge, new ideas and new concepts on.

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