1. Overview – when sharing your knowledge give an overview or introduction before you launch into the details.

2. Lifestyle versus Learning style – sometimes our lifestyle takes preference over how we prefer to learn.

3. Transformation not information – we all want transformation one way or another.

4. Golden Nugget – want to be remembered by your audience or clients? End the conversation/blog/webinar with a valuable golden nugget to take away.

5. Small wins – creating small wins and results for potential clients is more powerful than sharing your knowledge.

6. Dot-to-Dot – allow people to join their own dots when it comes to learning.

7. Put Content into Context – through sharing stories, metaphors, examples or case studies.

8. The Basics – forget the ‘bells and whistles’ just do the basics really, really well.  It’s a great strategy for success.

9. Stories – want to engage the brain in a much more powerful way?  Use stories.

10. Attention – we have short attention spans. Don’t overload or you’ll overwhelm.

11. Play and Fun – if you want to create, focus, motivation, innovation and results for your clients – add elements of play and fun into how you teach or share your knowledge. 

12. Visual Candy – nearly half your brain in dedicated to visual processing.

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