If you are someone who shares your knowledge and expertise through courses, training, workshops, programs, webinars and various other pieces of content then you know how important it is to create an engaging experience for your clients, otherwise you are just information dumping and essentially what you are giving out is a presentation at best and an overpriced e-book at worst.

I often see visually appealing and nicely delivered content, programs, training etc but there is so little substance behind what is being shared.  Some people think it’s enough to turn their knowledge into a 6 lesson course or a 1-hour workshop but the reality is… if you are hoping to create change, results or some type of transformation for your clients then delivering information and not an experience is setting yourself and your clients up for failure.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you would know that we live in the information age with an abundance of content being thrown at us, each day, every day. It’s never ending! So in order for you to stand out and to rise above the noise, you want to create the environment for them to make change.

Sharing content is not enough. We want to contextualize the content so it’s highly relevant for our clients, and creates a personal experience that feels specific to them. 

1. Share your knowledge and content – This is the what and why.
2. Have your clients create their own awareness around the topic/subject – This is the how.  How can they relate this information to their unique situation.
3. Allow reflection – Ask powerful and reflective questions and allow the space for high-level thinking to occur.
4. Create insight – This may come straight away or perhaps later, but it’s important to allow the space for reflection and to ‘join the dots’ of this thinking – the knowledge, the awareness, the reflection – what thoughts and insights are being created? **When you have an insight you get a little dopamine hit that is highly motivating and you want to harness that energy into targeting and creating an action straight away. Very powerful!
4. Action – What are they going to do next?

And remember – we don’t’ get taught something once and then BOOM – we’ve learned it.  It takes time, attention and constant effort to make ongoing change and see ongoing results.  But, if you are committed to wanting the best for your clients then I know that over time with constant attention and effort, you too can create exceptional learning experiences that will see ongoing results and change.

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