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I truly believe that our best work and our biggest impact happens when we collaborate with other smart, like-minded, creative people.  I’ve experienced that first hand over years of working with some of the most talented and incredible people across the globe.  And in my business of creating transformation and change through the creation and development of high-end, premium courses (online and offline), workshops, programs, and other content – the same holds true.

Saying it like it is…

So how do you develop your knowledge and expertise into a high-end experience? Honestly, there is no easy way. Like anything of worth it takes time, effort and hard work!

My Fascination

Recently I’ve become fascinated in how we learn, how we improve thinking and how we can influence change in others which lead me to become a qualified Neuroleadership.  I now combine my professional creative industry and communications experience, with a learning brain-based knowledge to share how we connect and engage with others, how we create client experiences and ultimately how we get results and create transformational change for our clients.

Trainings delivered: 176

TV Commercials Worked On: 162

Award Winning Projects Worked On: 13

Kodiak Grizzly Bears Worked With: 2


My background…

Jo FisherI am Jo (Pugh) Fisher and ‘POP with Jo’ is the culmination of a 15 year career that took me around the world, working behind the camera in Production on high-end TV commercials for the worlds biggest brands. Locations, wild animals, helicopters, plenty of schmoozing and spending long hours with the most incredible and creative people were all part of the job. It was exciting, hard work and a whole lotta of fun.

However, after having a family I realised I wouldn’t be able to keep up or put up with the high (and often ridiculous – think polka dot rabbits… yellow hats… 3 weeks ago) demands and immovable deadlines that the advertising industry requires.

Jo Fisher on location in Canada
Jo Fisher on location in Canada
Jo Fisher in Scotland
Jo Producing Online Courses

No one trick ponies here…

Having worked with some of the best creatives, brands and companies in the world, creating a successful project is never a one trick pony, there is always a team of people who use their expertise in order for you to achieve your success. My hope is that my expertise in producing learning experiences that are creative, engaging and results driven will help you to share your expertise and make a positive impact in transforming the lives or your clients.


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Testimonial for Pop with Jo - AlexisJo has one of the keenest eyes for how to approach your course creation

… from a place of serving your most ideal client in the most sophisticated and effective way. Her understanding of human psychology combined with her knowledge of the online educational space enables her to take your business to the next level of growth by deepening the quality of your content while widening the scope of your presence to your most ideal clients. In short, she is a much-needed guide for those who offer quality content. Plus, she is a joy to work with! I can’t recommend her enough.

– Alexis Fedor, Business Strategist & Marketer


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