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Bebo Mia - Case Study

Case Study: The Doula Business School by Bebo Mia

Bebo Mia is a Canadian based business where these two fabulous and kick ass women named Natasha and Bianca provide training for women wanting to become Doulas (birthing support for mums to be).  They were looking to create the next piece of training for their clients which was to create and grow a successful business around being a Doula and so The Doula Business School was born.  I helped and collaborated closely with these incredible women to create a sensational online course.

Pop with Jo - Case Study - Before We Started Working TogetherWhat was your vision for the course?

We knew we wanted something that was stimulating and engaging for women that are multitaskers and would not typically give it their undivided attention, seeing as our market is mompreneurs. We wanted something that would grab them, encourage them to put down what they were juggling, and take the time to do some self care through nurturing their business, like they take care of everyone/thing else around them.

What work or thinking had you done towards the vision?

We had chewed on it and talked about it and dreamed about it for 3 years. We had been supporting women with their doula businesses informally for years but hadn’t created anything. We had not carved out the time to start the creation of the program, nor did we know where to start.

What were your biggest challenges around getting it completed?

Well, I feel like Natasha and I had different challenges around the program.  I know Natasha was nervous about feeling confident about being a ‘business expert’. She struggled with the ‘why would someone listen to me’ component. I felt nervous that we would have too much in the training as I found it hard to just not include components because there is so much to know and do and consider when starting or building a business. Because we had such different barriers, their combination just froze us in place.



“The step by step, bite-sized tasks allowed us to stay on track”

“Each stage was followed through to completion with careful examination”

“The cheerleading was exactly what we needed”

“You breathe life and order into something that feels stagnant, overwhelming or chaotic”

Pop with Jo - Case Study - During Our Work

How did it feel when we started working together?

We felt like you were the nudge we needed! You confirmed for Natasha that we should do this and had the skills which made her confident to sink her teeth in it, and once you get her going…. look out! I felt like you gave us a great framework that would allow us to create boundaries on subjects that felt limitless. You busted down our barriers to completion.

What was the process like for you?

Your step by step, bite-sized tasks allowed us to stay on track and we felt like each stage was followed through to completion with careful examination as we went. Your continuous reminders to consider the think, do, feel was excellent and supported us in creating a course that was engaging and appealed to all the ways an adult would learn and integrate material.


Pop with Jo - Case Study - Bebo Mia Dashboard

Pop with Jo - Case Study - After Our WorkWere you happy with the results?

YES! Your cheerleading was exactly what we needed, Jo! You pushed us to consider our material and curriculum from angles and perspectives that we had not looked at it. It was a fabulous process! We know that we have a wonderful training on our hands.

What did I bring to the table that you maybe wouldn’t have got if we didn’t work together?

Oh gosh, so much! We had you to be accountable to with our timelines, which is important because we are typically juggling 5 too many balls. You also had a different perspective with the material creation, delivery and marketing that was exciting. Your understanding around how adults learn is such a valuable zone of genius that was new for us!

Anything else you want to add?

You are so great at what you do! I feel like you breathe life and order into something that feels stagnant, overwhelming or chaotic. You do it in such a way that is so gentle, upbeat and no bullshit. It is perfect! You definitely over deliver on everything you do and we are so thrilled to have you in our corner!

I love that you can also support the ‘next steps’ with what we are doing. You continue to move the project forward and consider the best ways to maximize efforts and utilize what has been created, which is really important for entrepreneurs!


Thank you for being so fabulous!

Natasha & Bianca


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