Jo Fisher: Online Course and Program Producer

Testimonial for Pop with Jo - Bebo MIaYour understanding around how adults learn is such a valuable zone of genius that was new for us!

You are so great at what you do! I feel like you breathe life and order into something that feels stagnant, overwhelming or chaotic. You do it in such a way that is so gentle, upbeat and no bullshit. It is perfect! You definitely over deliver on everything you do and we are so thrilled to have you in our corner!

– Natasha Marchand & Bianca Sprague, Co-owners Bebo Mia


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The one thing all course creators should be doing

If I was to give just one piece of advice as to how to improve the experience for your course participants or to get better results from your online program this is what I recommend hands down… (and it just takes time and attention). Teach your content face to face,...

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12 Ways to create a learning experience that POPS!

1. Overview – when sharing your knowledge give an overview or introduction before you launch into the details. 2. Lifestyle versus Learning style – sometimes our lifestyle takes preference over how we prefer to learn. 3. Transformation not information...

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Create the right learning environment

Expectations Make sure your clients know what is expected of them and what they can expect of you. Create certainty Right from the word go, we want to know the basic information such as how long is this, will I be required to do anything, do I need to be aware of...

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