Produce Your Program with Pop with Jo


Let’s bring to life courses, programs, workshops, and trainings that are unique, creative and truly make a difference to your clients.

Rocket Launcher

Let’s review and analyse the feedback, research, and data to find out what’s really going on and what the best strategy specifically for you is to reach your ultimate vision.

Your Path to Glory

Let’s create high-end experiences that engage, connects and delivers results to not just a few, but to all of your clients

Heart Zapper

It’s time to pay close attention to our clients, their feedback and results to make sure we are getting it right.


Pop with Jo - ShhhSSSHHHHHHHH….Let me share a little secret with you…

The big online courses and programs that you see making $millions – they have someone like me helping them with their content creation, instructional design, course creation, learning frameworks, research, launch material, marketing strategies, engagement strategies, getting results for their clients and ultimately making it a better end product than they could do by themselves.  I know because I currently work for those people.   I can share exactly the same knowledge and strategies with you to make your expertise POP!



Product Your Project with Pop With Jo


The relief of having an experienced creator and producer on your team, who can share learning strategies, brain-based info and communication strategies.

Product Your Project with Pop With Jo


The motivation you’ll have knowing your product or services are creating a far bigger impact.

Product Your Project with Pop With Jo


Having a trusted collaborator to provide quality knowledge and to keep the project moving forward even when your attention is elsewhere.

Product Your Project with Pop With Jo


The excitement and pride you’ll feel when you launch your high-quality product that is a true reflection of you and the standards you work to.


Testimonial for Pop with Jo - Bebo MIaYour understanding around how adults learn is such a valuable zone of genius that was new for us!

You are so great at what you do! I feel like you breathe life and order into something that feels stagnant, overwhelming or chaotic. You do it in such a way that is so gentle, upbeat and no bullshit. It is perfect! You definitely over deliver on everything you do and we are so thrilled to have you in our corner!

– Natasha Marchand & Bianca Sprague, Co-owners Bebo Mia


Cut through the noise by challenging the dull, the mundane and the predictable and, start creating and delivering training, courses, workshops and content in ways that are creative, unique and make a real difference to the people you serve and work with.


About me…

Jo Fisher: Online Course and Program ProducerFor nearly 20 years I’ve worked all over the globe in the professional creative industries bringing the vision and big ideas of smart, creative people and brands to life. I’m the person you want on your team when you want ‘it’ done.

I do my best work when collaborating with other like-minded creative people who want to do work that matters and makes a difference.  I’m a qualified brain-based coach, visual producer, communications strategist and instructional designer of programs, workshops, courses and content.

You can read more about my background and areas of expertise here…




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